iron shelf We may be talking about a large shelf project in the small yard. Our expert team offers the rack solutions you need for all your field work. In this context, as a result of alloying of iron material, profile, plate, foot and other equipments are produced, we have realized the production of iron shelf which will show long term stability.

The iron shelf requirement is much more in particular in the fields of industrial activity. In these areas; technical parts such as engine are both heavy and often contain metal material, it also requires shelves made of ferrous material for the best durability and stacking condition. As RafGrup, we offer you the best iron shelf price offer for your activity in Istanbul and we do not compromise on quality.

What are Iron Rack Systems?

Although there are many known rack systems that can actually be manufactured as a result of the use of iron material, it is possible that we can not create a “special solution” system. In this context, exactly where the shelf system is needed and the specific demands and expectations of our customers are important.

Iron shelf systems in general; it is not possible to say that there are many systems required such as warehouse shelves, industrial shelf systems, store shelves, pallet shelves, heavy goods shelves, functional shelves, building market shelves.

However, in general, it is impossible for us to limit a specific area. As a matter of fact, these shelf systems have many “general” qualities. For example, one of the most common properties is the high strength property. This means that it is flexible enough to carry hundreds of pounds of cargo; is one of the basic features needed in many different fields of activity in many different sectors.

Best Cheap Iron Shelf Systems Manufacturer

Just because the amount paid in the process of obtaining a product is low does not mean that the product is always poor quality, and the fact that a rack system is manufactured at a fairly reasonable price compared to the market in general does not mean that the system is “poor quality”. What is important here is how reliable and expert the seller is in the field. As RafGrup we offer the most suitable price for your activity in Istanbul and we do not compromise on quality.