Industrial shelf systems designed and manufactured for small and medium-sized businesses; light load shelves, heavy load shelves, medium load shelves, silo shelves, heavy load shelves with arms, dressing silo shelves. Industrial shelf systems, especially used in warehouses and storage areas of large enterprises, ensure long-term storage of products in a healthy manner. You can safely store your products with industrial shelf systems that can be produced at the size you need and shelf width, which allows you to get maximum efficiency from the warehouse area by mounting and you can make contribution to your budget by making your stock controls correctly. As Raf Grup, all the shelf systems together with the industrial Shelving systems we offer to our customers are the ideal solution for efficient storage and efficient control.

Having a storage area where you can use more space with industrial shelf systems with sleeves, you will be one step ahead of your competitors and you will be able to carry out product storage with minimum loss. Industrial shelf systems produced by selecting materials according to the type of product to be stored and stalled for a long time carry heavy loads without wasting for a very long time. With electrostatic powder painting process like metal shelf systems, you can have shelving systems in colors and colors you like and you can satisfy your customers while showing the warehouse area to your customers. Industrial shelf systems, which are calculated according to special calculation methods for light load, medium load and heavy loads and whose strength properties are determined, can be installed up to the desired height at the same time. With this feature, you can use all the storage capacity efficiently and you can have an economical storage area by creating the most stock area at least. With all these features, industrial shelf systems, which are the favorite shelf systems of the industry sector, are the ideal and most economical solutions for you.