Industrial Shelf Models

Industrial shelf models are pre-conceived solutions during storage. The assimilation given to this sector in the sector is ‘industrial solutions in storage’. The industrial shelves used by many companies are the systems that prevent the production volume of the enterprises, to meet the storage needs, to reach the products to be stored comfortably and to prevent the products from being damaged. The shelves used in the industrial area are more suitable for the hygiene quality and are produced in suitable dimensions for the area to be used. These are pharmaceutical factories, paint factories and leather factories. Typically, industrial rack systems are used in environments with large volumes of products to be stored. Physical storage is a place-related term in the field.

Industrial Shelf Models
Industrial Shelf

The storage area consists of an open floor and rack systems. The products are placed in this area within the time they are in the warehouse. Shelves used in the industrial area must be suitable for all weather conditions. It must be resistant to extreme cold and hot. It is also important that the structure is resistant to chemicals. Industrial shelf models are manufactured from stainless steel. Compared to other rack systems, it is more robust and durable. It is mostly used for storage of rough loads. The shelves used in industrial areas are produced according to the weight of the loads placed on them. These shelf systems are also used in companies that are exposed to abundant water such as carpet washing factories.

Frequently used industrial shelf models

Industrial floor rack systems are divided into mold shelves, cantilever shelves and single cage shelves. Mold shelves are an ideal choice for sliding and large-volume shelves. In general, mold shelves are used for storing motors, molds and hard parts. Once loaded, the required material can easily be taken from the raft. Another feature of the mold shelves is that the installation is extremely simple and the mobility is easy. One of the industrial shelf models is the console arm rack systems. It is especially used for storage of products which are long in size. This shelf system consists of feet and consoles which vary according to their weight. In addition, the console has a wide range of product storage for rack systems. In particular, it is widely used in the wood industry and steel aluminum producers. The brackets used in console arm shelf systems are used as single sided and double sided. Single-cage shelf systems, the wall is stationary and can only be stored from the front. For this reason, only the industrial field is used.