Industrial Shelving Systems

Industrial Shelving Systems
Industrial Shelving Systems

Industrial shelving systems are shelving systems used to store or store heavily loaded items or heavy items. Industrial shelf systems consist of feet and horizontal records. It is selected according to the height of the feet, the area or the reservoir. Then the horizontal records, which are based on the weights of the loads to be placed on top, are provided with the help of connectors in the form of bolts or hooks. In this case, there are mounting features of such pallet rack systems as Istanbul Rafgrup.

Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Systems

Backward Shelf Systems: Shelf systems that provide the highest yield from storage areas in industrial shelves.

Heavy Load Sliding Shelves: FIFO provides the protection and storage of products which are the same as the operation type.

Multi-Storey Shelving Systems: Shelving systems that provide the easiest walk between shelves in industrial shelving systems and which can be made up of floors according to the height of the depot by forming stairs and landings.

Heavy Load Handle Shelves: This type of shelf system in industrial shelves is also used to protect and store profile, pipe, wood, long boxes of products whose dimensions are long and heavy.

Narrow Corridor Shelf System: For industrial shelving systems, these shelves are up to 9 meters high and form high-altitude protection areas in corridors. It is used in storage areas, especially in narrow and high areas.

Shelf Systems: Storage shelves are shelving systems for shelving or stacking the same product pallets in industrial shelves.

Backrest Shelving Systems: Shelving systems are very wide and low cost in industrial shelves. It provides ease of use in the preservation and storage of palletized products.

Light Load Industrial Shelving Systems

Light Load Sliding Shelves: Such shelves in industrial shelves are rack systems that are ideal for use in ordering and assembly line edges.

Multi-storey racking systems: easy walking between shelves in industrial shelf systems and stairs are ideal for maintaining the creation of a shelf. Especially narrow and high cutting areas are preferred and high floors form separate floor systems.

Light Load Handled Shelves: Shelf systems that people protect and store with their own work power performance. It is the ideal industrial shelf system for the storage and protection of spindle, wire, short rod, plastic rods, cable pipes.