The industrial shelf, which is generally required for warehouse units of industrial shelf areas, is a particularly successful solution for “stacking heavy loads”. It is an easy process to sort heavy loads in a specific category and remove them from the rack to be sent to the relevant units when necessary.

On the other hand, many industrial shelf solutions are developed in a structure suitable for easy storage of heavy loads, referred to as “pallet”. In this way, loads can be stored more quickly with less energy consumption. As a matter of fact, although the main purpose in these systems is seen as the “storage” of the related goods, we note that these shelf systems can also be safely and easily discharged at the same time in the solutions we offer up to now as RafGrup.

Is Industrial Shelving Systems Needed for Your Field of Activity?

The ability to provide the best “industrial” quality solution for any area is only possible by taking into account the needs of the area in question. The general characteristics of the loads to be stacked on the shelves, especially the width of the area, are also important. When you communicate with our company we get this information because it is very important that we can offer the best industrial shelf solution for you as well as we can offer the best price for the system you need.

İstanbul Endsutrial Shelf Systems Manufacturer

During the industrial shelf manufacturing process; the overall dimensions and thicknesses of each equipment forming this system, such as pallet width, foot size, profile length, traverse length, etc., must be accurately determined. Making these determinations will also allow us to calculate the average cost or the exact cost for you. Therefore, we can offer you the best price for industrial shelf systems that you need for your field of activity in Istanbul, but you can communicate with us and give us preliminary information or you can request preliminary analysis service from our team. On this page, we will have a preliminary review of your relevant field of activity and we will be able to give you information on how much it will cost, taking into account the criteria you will require.