Heavy-duty warehouse shelves are products used for stacking heavy loads in the industrial sector. Heavy-load pallet systems, which provide storage of pallet or chest and heavy items, have a wide use area. These systems are very rich in variety and the area covered is the optimum level. It is designed for the stacking of pallets of different sizes and for the entry of goods into the warehouse. The main task of heavy-duty pallet systems is to expand the usage area of ​​the depot, in other words to increase the volume of the depot to square meters, to cubic meters and to reach the products easily. These systems, which have a lot of usage areas, are manufactured with today's technology. Heavy-duty pallet systems consist of main vertebrate, shelf foot, traverse, interconnection, earthquake cross-link, safety bolt and steel sinks. Rack foot name is given to the area which contacted by the place. The formation of the rack feet is made up of the sheet thicknesses used according to the weight of the load to be placed. The rack legs are made up of special forms, after having the appropriate hair thickness selected, with holes on them and joining them with the cross pieces of the two legs facing each other. The process ends with boiling of the shoe at the bottom of the rock feet. Mounting of racks used in heavy duty pallet rack systems is done by two different ways. The first way is the welding method. The welding method is generally used. The reason is that it is quite robust and long-lived. Another method of mounting the rack feet is by bolt and nut. Pallet shelves are also used according to their weight and size. After the selection process is completed, the sleepers are cut to the desired size and the fixing apparatuses are welded on both sides. These apparatuses are produced in two types. The first one is bolted and the second one is nailed. The selection of the fixing apparatus is made according to the height of the unit and the load that the shelves are carrying.

Rack system steel shelves are used in heavy duty pallet storage rack systems. The loading system is arranged so that one, two, or three pallets side by side. It can also occur with four pallets placed side by side even if there is very little coincidence. The issue to be considered is that rack selection should be made according to the room to be used and the load to be carried. If it is widely used in the sector, it is a system consisting of 3 rafts. It is designed according to the dimensions of 800X12000.