Warehouse rack systems can be used for very heavy loads, shortening the life of the rack systems and creating an extra cost to you. Heavy-duty pallet systems that provide easy transport at the same time, which allows you to maintain heavy-tonnage loads in order to avoid this adverse situation, is the ideal choice. Heavy duty pallets made of wood and polymer are a storage system that has long-lasting durability to environmental effects. As Raf Group, we also produce heavy duty pallets as well as all storage rack systems. The wooden pallet design can be transported with the forklift and the width makes it easy to transport heavy loads with the help of a forklift. Although it seems to be a cost to you that the heavy pallet is being sold at the time of product sale, the fact that a pallet of pallets has a very low cost helps you in this regard.

The heavy duty pallet in the storage systems, which is a solution to the heavy load products, is robust, long life, low cost, has the design according to the forklift knife range and can carry 40 tons static. it stands out clearly. Raf Group, which is the right address for heavy-duty pallet systems you will need, offers you professional storage. With its heavy-duty pallets and other warehouse rack systems, Raf Group, which has the principle of customer satisfaction with quality service, takes you one step forward. It is not a connection element that will cause damage to the products on the top surface of heavy cargo pallets. It also has a design that makes it easy for you to store and transport products properly.