Industrial shelfOur industrial shelf model offers many reliable, quality and completely robust shelf systems to our customers in line with our years of experience. In general, Istanbul and other countries are increasingly demanding these shelf systems in the direction of increasing industries. For many years in this sector, everyone needs different expectations. As Raf Group company, we provide quality and guaranteed services with our shelf systems. Despite the increasing interest in industrial shelves, the importance of this shelf system is not given importance today.

The industrial shelves that are being produced are usually a shelf system that is needed in wine coolers or storage areas, these shelves are housed in specially prepared cabinets.

Industrial shelves are generally produced in trees, but nowadays, new models of shelves are being made from some plastics to protect the environment due to increasing environmental protection associations or nature lovers.

If an industrial shelf is being built from wood, it must be made of hard wood Otherwise, the industrial shelves made of soft wood may break very quickly or otherwise cause irregularities

The most important of the giraffe's preferred trees are acacia and oak trees.  In addition to these trees, many trees are located in the shelf systems

How Healthy is Industrial Shelving Systems?

Industrial shelves produced by shelf group systems never threaten human health because these shelves, which are specially prepared by our company, never use chemical materials and they are prepared entirely from natural materials. All shelves being prepared are very important for us. Because you care about the health of our customers and we work in this direction.

If you are interested in getting information about industrial shelves, or if you can not decide which one to take or how it is, you should definitely do research and choose the model features that are most appropriate for you. The industrial shelves being built are completely natural and we fully trust our products. If you want to buy industrial shelf by rack group you can witness our quality by communicating with us absolutely. As a rack shelf systems company, it is only easy to reach us when you want to have a single phone away from us.