Hanging Shelf Systems

Hanging shelf systems; It is the most ideal shelf systems models used in the garment and textile industry for products stored in hanger systems such as trousers, shirts, jackets, suits, coats and coats. System; It is formed by combining tubular sleepers with modular feet and claw connectors at both ends. The system has a plug-in structure and it is portable. It saves time because of its location and easy availability when stacked regularly.

Hanging Shelf Systems Technical Information

Single racks can be applied to the sides of the walls as well as double sided hanging rack. Due to the fact that it is portable, special production hinges are produced or hanger intervals can be adjusted. Hanging rack systems are usually made in the form of a mini rack system, as well as rack system in high-altitude warehouses. Hanger units can be used as a complete hanger, and shelves can be formed in the same module, and shirts and sweaters can be stacked in such a way that the products can be stacked. Thanks to its accessories, it is an ideal system for different solutions. Maximum storage space in warehouses and workplaces.