Hanging Shelf Systems: It is the ideal shelf system used for garment and textile industry products such as trousers, shirts, jackets, suits, coats and jackets. System; a modular foot and tubular sleeper with connectors with clawed connectors at both ends. Due to the fact that the system has plug-in structure and it is portable, it allows the assembly-disassembly process to be done easily without requiring any additional equipment. Save time and time. Single side hangers can be made on the wall edges as well as a double side hanging shelf can be applied. Hanger ranges can be adjusted due to portability. It is usually made in the style of mini rack system and it is suitable to be done in rack system style in high-altitude warehouses. As the hanger units to be formed can be used as a complex hanger, shelf eyes can be formed in the same module and the products such as shirts and sweaters can be transformed into a modulable mode. It is a system with ideal usage for different solutions thanks to its wide and abundant accessories. Enables stacking of maximum hangers in less space.