File Shelf
File Shelf

File shelf is widely used in areas such as offices, public institutions, schools when it is used. Businesses need to archive, store, protect their own files. For this reason, they prefer file shelf systems. As Istanbul Rafgrup, steel shelving systems are highly preferred for the file shelf in archiving processes. The production and installation of the file shelf is carried out according to the specifications of the product that needs to be transported. The file shelf is also another reason to be economically cheap at the same time. According to the decorative structure of the environment in which the design must be established, dyeing process is also performed according to the desired color. Since it is baked at 200 degrees after painting, there is no dangerous element to affect the health in the negative. At the same time, it is very resistant to natural disasters such as possible fires, earthquakes, etc. and also has a product protection feature. This is why steel shelf systems are preferred in terms of durability to prevent damage to the products used for the shelf.

Factors to Consider for File Shelf Selection

Before specifying the file shelf, the points to be considered are;

  • First of all, it should be known what purpose shelf systems should be used.
  • Before installing the rack systems, it is absolutely necessary to know the criteria such as the characteristics of the area to be installed and the ceiling height.
  • The properties and dimensions of the product desired to be transported on the shelves need to be known.
  • It is also necessary to determine the expenditure for the shelf systems. This is because additional material may need to be used in addition to the shelf systems in which the material resource is installed.
  • At the same time, access to products to be placed on shelves should be determined as to how often they will be accessed.
  • It is important to know the shelf life of the products to be placed in the shelves. Because shelf life is short or long, shelf systems can also be different.
  • At the same time, it is necessary to select a working system such as FIFO or LIFO and to choose a rack system that is compatible with the working principles.
  • Finally, it is necessary to determine how long the products will be stored.

The factors mentioned above apply to the file shelf and other shelf systems. Because these features will provide the correct and proper installation of the file rack and will not cause any trouble in the long term.