Fabric Shelf: It is the ideal shelf system for storage and stacking of fabric rolls in apparel and textile sector. The system consists of main carriages (travers) and tables laid on hooks with modular feet. The tables can be made of metal or wood. Thanks to the fact that the system has plug-in structure and it is portable, installation-disassembly process can be performed easily without requiring additional equipment. It saves from time and place. The rack intervals can be set due to portability. In the case of manual stacking, mini rack systems are used. In case of stacking with racks, rack system is suitable for racking. In case of long racks, triple or quadruple leg system is made. As well as being directly put on shelves, special made metal baskets can also be stored on such shelves. In addition, the forks of the pallet truck can be changed so that the rolls of fabric that are not lifted by human power can be stored on the shelves.