Fabric Racks

Fabric racks: The most ideal shelf systems products used for storing and storing roll-shaped fabric balls in the apparel and textile industry. The system consists of the main carriers (crossmember) and the trays placed on the modular feet. Tables can be made of metal or wood. The system has a plug-in structure and it is portable. As a result of regular stacking and easy access to the place saves time. Due to being portable, the shelf intervals can be adjusted individually according to the desired projects.

Fabric RacksTechnical Information

In the case of stacked warehouses in the form of a mini rack system, the rack system rack construction is suitable in case of stacking by stackers. It can be stored and stacked on these types of shelves in baskets. In this way, the products are easy to find and regular. In addition, by changing the forks of the truck, fabric rolls which are not removed by manpower can be stored on the shelves in this way. However, these systems generally carry out manual loading. When your products are stacked better, they provide convenience thanks to the disassembly feature during transportation or order. For more information or a quote, please contact us.