Fabric shelf systems; shelf systems that can be designed to be installed with the insertion system and have the desired dimensions. Especially, it is a shelf system which has the same system as heavy duty shelf systems and enables the stacking of fabric balls to be stacked at the top, which is a very advantageous storage system during fabric production and stocking. Fabric shelf systems; It can be designed and manufactured on your needs and wishes, it can be produced in different sizes, so you can easily load your car in any width and weight. Shelf tables can be easily selected as DKP twisted sheet or chipboard to carry 750 kg load easily. The fact that the pedestal support feet are made of 2.5 mm sheet metal also allows the storage system to carry heavier loads. If you prefer to stand legs in a box profile, the amount of load you can carry can be increased even further. Since shelf tables can be easily attached and detached, you can easily meet your needs by adjusting the number of shelves and the amount of cargo you will carry.

It is very important to use fabric racks which are special shelf systems apart from other shelf systems for fabric production and fabric storage. Features include the use of coarse sheet metal plates or MDF chipboards that will prevent tearing or damaging the fabrics, thereby ensuring a healthy storage by preventing damage to fabrics. One of the shelf systems in the Raf Group, you can have a long-lasting storage area in the fabric sector with the cloth shelf models, you can get advantage by leaving your competitors behind. Raf Group produces special fabric shelf models within the fabric sector, where you can get professional services in relation to all rack systems in order to find a solution in a healthy way, to obtain a favorable solution and to have a perfect storage system. You can contact us for fabric rack models with different widths and features from design to implementation.