Drive in Racking Systems

Drive in racking systems and through-flow shelves are the most common shelf systems products used for stacking large quantities of pallets. Storage is performed according to first in first out or first out last out method. Since the corridor is not left between the blocks, the stacker uses the loading channels as a corridor.

Drive in Racking Systems Technical Information

Rails are used in this system instead of traverses. The system is of high quality, robust and economical, it has assembled and disassembled features, the shelf intervals can be adjusted, the maximum load carrying and the maximum storage space according to other systems are the most important features.

  • Maximum use of the available area (up to 85%).
  • Minimization of corridors between shelves.
  • Easy inspection of product inputs and outputs.
  • Loading channels allow the stocking of different types of products.

In addition to the shelf system which can be accessed from one side to the shelf channels, the shelf ducts can be applied to the shelf channels through the drive through which the entrance can be made from both directions.

Drive in racking systems provides the most useful use of storage volume, such as freezing warehouses and refrigerated warehouses, where the products need to be stored under controlled temperature.