Manufacture of warehouse Shelves

The production of warehouse shelves is usually the preferred systems for loads. According to these rack systems, heavy or palletized loads are stacked on shelves. Warehouse shelves consist of feet.

Warehouse Shelves Manufacturing
Warehouse Shelves

These shelf models developed by keeping pace with the developing technology today have a very interesting Idea especially in and around Istanbul. Besides, the demand for these shelves is so high that it can not be overlooked.

There are many submodels in these shelf models, which are economical compared to other shelves. Among these warehouse shelf models, the most commonly used back door storage rack models are. According to these rack systems, these rack models are used for stacking or loading packages.

Shelf Group Storage Shelves manufacture

Shelf system epics and specially where the stacking is arranged at the same time, the products are available in many special orders and according to the sizes found.

The other rack model is double storage rack systems. According to these shelf systems, two pallets are loaded in succession, which saves less space. But these rack systems must be absolutely attached

The other shelf model is narrow corridor storage rack systems. According to Burak systems, high-altitude shelf system is known as the shelf system in the narrow corridors are used in this system is a very advantageous system in the storage of forklift tools. The other popular shelf system is the curtain-front storage rack systems. According to this shelf model, economic gain is in the foreground, these shelf systems, which are preferred for storage purposes, are a model that can be used for all kinds of requests in the roofs and buildings in short. In addition, there are automatic shuttle depot shelving systems. This rack system is also called drive-in automation.

In this shelf system, which is found in installations after the construction of warehouse shelves, it provides in-depth installation thanks to the FIFO and fleet principle, and storage is a very advantageous shelf system. Rafgrup RAF Company has managed to become a very popular company by producing high quality shelf models nowadays and it is undoubtedly among the leading shelf firms in this sector with the shelves it produces.