Warehouse Shelf Models

Warehouse Shelf Models
Warehouse Shelf

Storage shelf models are shelf systems that have become a great need to be preferred in all sectors nowadays. Among the warehouse shelves, steel warehouse shelves are the most preferred subject. These systems, which are specifically prepared by Rafgrup, are widely preferred in archiving, storage or in such places. These steel shelving systems are very often requested today. Thanks to its steel storage shelves, it provides savings in the areas where it is used. Steel shelf models are a very active sector in spare parts and similar sectors.

Thanks to Rafgrup racking systems, the carefully prepared warehouse rack models offer a regular stacking control. Considering customer satisfaction and customer health which is very important for us, a healthy steel shelf system is produced at these level.

Installation of warehouse rack models

Mounting bolts are used within the shelves of Rafgrup warehouse systems. Tools other than bolts are not preferred. Disassembly and disassembly procedures can also be preferred as they are included in the rack system. Installation of storage rack models is also quite simple. The demand for these shelf systems, which are seen as easy and practical, has increased considerably.

There is a great demand for the industrial and industrial cities, especially in cities like Istanbul.  Rafgrup Depot Shelving systems are very important to all shelf jobs and meet the need for heavy, light or medium all kinds of loads. It is quite easy to have this rafa which is highly demanded by warehouse and shelf systems

Usage Areas of Warehouse Shelf Models

Depot shelf systems are preferred in many business places today. Pharmacy warehouses are preferred in warehouses everywhere in industrial or factory style.    In many places, we can look at our models in Rafgrup company to have a good and quality way of saving these shelf systems, or even contact our company to choose the most suitable storage shelf for you. Rafgrup since 2010 we have done the best things for you customers. In addition, the shelf models in Rafgrup company are always thinking about you by preparing them in full compliance with health.