Decorative shelves are mainly used in homes and offices. The aesthetics are elegant and the space is small in the wall, decorative shelves are used for reasons. It also harmonizes with the wardrobe furniture groups found in homes or used areas and takes the aesthetics of the area a step further. The decoration can be fixed to the decorative shelves walls and other furnishings which are often thought of as a whole and produced for those who care for every detail. The issue to be considered is that the shelves should be well thought out and the color of the shelves used for decoration should be chosen according to the other article groups in the room. The decorative shelves used in the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and even the bathrooms are used not only in small houses but also in large areas. Because the shelves that are not covered on the top and used completely ornamentally match, it gives a aesthetic appearance to the room. The racks to be installed in the wall must be selected according to the size of the wall and the corresponding wall. Although decorative shelves made of wood are often preferred, the wall protects the shelf of the shelf, which is embedded in the wall. Some racks can be installed with the front side open, some with one side.


Wall shelves are part of aesthetic designs with signed forms. These shelves are made up of wood and metal parts in general. An important feature is that it has a simple design. Two racks are mounted on the wall shelves with glass on both sides, underneath the picture frames intended to widen the movement mechanism. The most interesting aspect of the wall shelves is to increase the closeness of the objects on it. These shelves, which are the sine qua non of decorative wall decoration, are produced functionally.


One of the most frequently used areas of wall shelves is the kitchen. In general, a small dining table is mounted on the top. The fact that the shelves are designed by the mothers and that they are in harmony with the table legs, increases the aesthetic appearance of the room. It is mostly mounted with a combination of three rafts. Different objects are placed on the shelves and the areas in the kitchen are made to look wooden.

Other uses of decorative shelves are bathrooms, balconies and children's rooms. The reasons for use in almost all areas are the same.