You can find different models in Decorative Shelf products. Your Shelf Grup guarantees that your Decorative Shelf orders are carefully prepared with very affordable and advantageous attractive payment plans. Raf Grup prepares products that are ideal for narrow walls that are practical for disassembly and disassembly. The ideal decorative shelf for space saving in the working environment has many years of service life.

There is no foreign substance in the manufacturing processes of these products which are not harmful to the environment and health. Cleaning processes of decorative shelves are also important for the operator who uses them. A decorative shelf standing inside the warehouse should be easy to clean. In this context, Raf Grup’s surfaces sell products that are easily cleaned to their customers.

Very discounted products that are durable on hot surfaces for a long time are waiting for you. Carcinogenic substances are never present in products produced in European E1 quality. They are easy to wipe with a damp cloth. Decorative shelf systems are extremely resistant to cold and hot surfaces. Produced in different width and different sizes. They are also sold with special payment terms.

Continuous campaigns are being made to meet the increasing decorative shelf needs in Istanbul and surrounding areas. Istanbul and Kocaeli, such as the industry and the work force is large, we respond to your rack needs very quickly.

You can get the shelves prepared for the relevant sectors by means of sizing to be suitable for light or heavy cargo carriage. The shelves designed with different colors in this sector really satisfy the users. For your products that are easy to fix with this degree and carefully prepared, we will get help from our Raf Grup.

In Istanbul, special decorative shelf production is carried out in the sectors that provide services for industries such as industry, media, industry, chemistry, health, fashion. Raf Grup products do not experience delivery difficulties. The ergonomic and decorative shelf, which is simple to install, is a product that will benefit you for years.