Rafgrup Corporate

Rafgrup Storage Shelf Systems CorporateRafgrup as a corporate company; Our company has started its commercial life in 2010. Since its establishment, it has established long-term relationships with its customers based on mutual trust and has taken its place among the leading companies in the field of shelf systems. With rapid growth and development. It aims to progress continuously with its modern equipment and innovations. Since 2011, production of shelf systems has started.
Rafgrup, a corporate company, has many years of experience and experience in its own field, constantly renewing itself, expanding its business volume and expanding its business volume consists of architects, engineers and technicians. research development (R & D) department. Leads.
Our business solutions, which we provide with the principle of customer satisfaction, and our principle of working in accordance with international standards, raise the bar in the sector and our business volume shows that we provide the right service to our customers.

Our mission

It produces the right solutions by creating a shelf system according to the material to be stored, the stacking tools to be used and the circulation of materials by making accurate determination in storage areas.

our vision

To be a leader in the market by creating the highest level of value for our customers with innovative and creative solutions.