Steel Storage Shelves

steel warehouse shelvesThe steel material obtained by the alloying of iron and carbon elements in a suitable manner and the steel storage shelves manufactured from this material are ideal for the storage area of ​​many different sectoral operating models.

Our Istanbul RAF manufacturer company, Rafgrup, is the most demanded shelf model of our corporate customers for the storage areas of steel. In this context, we offer the shelf solutions that are most suitable for the expectations without compromising the quality within fair prices.

General Properties of Steel Warehouse Shelves

Steel storage racks offer many advantages and these advantages make it possible for the operator to profit from many aspects.

According to this;

  • Thanks to the formable steel alloy, the production of the shelf model with the most suitable functionality for the respective warehouse space can be realized. In this way; from time to time, significant energy savings are achieved.
  • It has a very solid structure. This is one of the main models we offer for our customers who need a high strength rack model. It is also ideal for loads of large sizes that can go up to hundreds of kilos.
  • If necessary, it can be painted without damaging its structural qualities, which also makes it a “decorative” feature.
  • In some cases, it is an important criterion for our customers that the shelves have a “stainless” feature, which means that steel racks with a “stainless” feature can be produced with appropriate carbon addition at the manufacturing stage.

With such a lot of advantages like this, it meets expectations.

As Rafgrup, we offer the best solution by looking at the width of your storage space, what kind of loads you can provide in this area, your warehouse operations and more. We have achieved many successful projects throughout Istanbul.

Steel Warehouse Shelf Prices

You should be sure that you are receiving manufacturing services from a reliable company in the field in order to properly assess your operating budget. In this regard, we can offer you a sample of the successful work we have completed as Rafgrup before, and we can offer you the most suitable steel storage shelves price in the stage of delivering the best solution for you. You can be confident that your “quality” expectations will be met in the long run, even at the right level for such a single lifestyle.