Why Stainless Shelf Systems; rusting causes the generation of bacteria on iron. The shelves used in this way adversely affect human health and damage the products on the shelves. The solution to this health threatening situation is stainless shelf systems. For this reason, stainless shelf systems are used in private institutions, companies' offices and all health institutions. Stainless shelf systems are also used for storage of products which are particularly sensitive to the food industry and cleaning. For this reason, many companies that manufacture and design rack systems use stainless steel. These rack systems are manufactured in the size and thickness that the customer desires. It also provides practical solutions for the storage or display of multipurpose products. Stainless shelf systems are also extremely simple to install. It can be used in light loads and thanks to the holes in the vertical profile of the shelves, the height between the two shelves can be easily adjusted. Stainless steel shelf production companies, these shelves are colored with powder paint. In this way, the aesthetic appearance of the shelves and the crispness are increased. Also stainless steel shelves, there is no possibility of moisture formation. Stainless steel production is made by adding chrome in normal steel. This not only protects against rust, but also protects against all health threats. Although stainless shelf systems have a higher cost than other shelf systems, stainless shelf systems ensure that they are used in the desired manner and that stored products are kept in a healthier manner. From this point of view, stainless steel shelf systems are actually more economical.

According to the current legislation and regulations, stainless steel shelving systems must be used in the conditions for the fulfillment of certain safety conditions in the workplace, especially for the storage of products for which the cleaning factor such as medicine and food is kept on the front. The importance of these systems is increasing day by day. Especially important reasons for using large factories in warehouses are to ensure that the environment is seen more regularly, that the stored materials are easily accessible and that many materials are stored at the same time. To summarize, stainless shelf systems have a long life and suitable use for health storage. Assemblies and back-ups are pretty easy. It can be used easily in every workplace.