Bolted Steel Shelving Systems are systems used in small-scale warehouses, in workshops where light materials are used, and in rooms with less storage space. Rack shelf systems are formed by connecting shelf legs in a crosswise manner. Simple, convenient and easy to disassemble and reassemble, the rack systems are made of steel material. The sales price in the sector is quite economical and its usage structure is rather simple compared to the selected material. 4 L profiles are used in racked rack systems. These profiles are stable, depending on the load the shelf will carry. At the same time, the feet are also produced from L-profile. The scale generally ranges from 1.5 millimeters to 2 millimeters. Profiles used in shelf systems are used in 40×40 millimeters or 40×60 millimeters. Horizontal and vertical holes are used above the legs, which are the main backbone of the bolted rack systems. These holes are connected to the feet of the shelf layers. The formation of the desired shelf space is also provided by these holes.

The sizes and thicknesses of the bolted shelf boards differ. You can choose the proper size according to your weight, type and weight. In general, shelf tables start at 0.70 millimeters thick and up to 2 millimeters thick. Shelf tables and profile legs come into play after machining of packs or rolls with DKP properties on CNC machines. After drilling, setting of shelf areas and twisting, the resulting tables form profile legs. The purpose of the holes in the bolted shelf tables is to make the connection of the L profile legs easy. Foot height varies between 200 cm and 300 cm. The connections of the tables are made by bolt-nuts in bolted rack systems of L profile feet. The type of bolt-nut used is the type M13. These nuts, which do not loosen too easily, are tightened with 13 bolt-head keys or special screwdrivers. Keyed rack systems should be used to secure the walls that are used. For this reason, an earthquake or possible jolt is to remove the rack system's risk of falling. The L profile and other legs used in the bolted steel shelf systems should be painted and countermeasures against rust must be taken. The possibility of dusting of shelf shelves is very low.