Archive Systems

Archive Systems
Archive Systems

Archival systems enable different institutions to stack documents that are produced and stored by businesses as a result of business activities and that are important to protect. Keeping these documents together and stocking them is called archive in general. For storage, storage and protection of excess documents, they are kept in a cabinet in offices, while large institutions provide shelter and storage in a different area shelf. This is the point where the archive systems are commissioned as Istanbul Rafgrup. The purpose of archival systems is not only to store documents but also to protect documents from all kinds of dust, moisture and moisture. In addition, since archived and preserved documents carry the purpose of re-use later, it is necessary to establish an archive system that will provide easy access.

Criteria for Archive Systems

Archival systems are manufactured in accordance with the student’s requirements and in accordance with the purpose of use, and they can fulfill very different demands in terms of the material used, from cover to drawer numbers. With these features, it is important to get the desired efficiency from the archive systems. There are some criteria that must be taken into consideration for this. These criteria are;

  • First of all, it should be known what purpose shelf systems should be used.
  • Before installing the rack systems, it is absolutely necessary to know the criteria such as the characteristics of the area to be installed and the ceiling height.
  • The properties and dimensions of the product desired to be transported on the shelves need to be known.
  • It is also necessary to determine the expenditure for the shelf systems.
  • At the same time, access to products to be placed on shelves should be determined as to how often they will be accessed.

The above criteria are very important for archive systems. Because of the archive shelf model, there are quite different types of design. Among these species, it would be more efficient in the long run to locate the most appropriate archive systems.

Archive shelves are also available in a variety of rail archive cabinets. The cabinets assembled together in the system provide movement on the rail, thus providing a free working area with little occupation. There is also a comfortable layout in terms of the use of cabinets. This saves time because archives are useful. With its robust structure, the archive system also locks the entire system with one lock. With the monte and de-monte features, it also offers the possibility to carry anywhere easily.