The most widely used shelf systems are the most common shelf models used everyday from past to present, which is the most widely used archive shelf in every workplace, every school, every public institution. Archive shelf models; shelf thicknesses of 1.00 mm and 1.50 mm are preferred because they are introduced into the light load shelf models group. Archive shelves, which can be adjusted according to file sizes, are divided into two with cover and without cover. Archive shelves that can be designed as an archive according to the dimensions of the site and also produced in standard sizes can be installed as 6 or more shelves according to the length of the standing legs. Shelf shelves produced as stainless steel galvanized shelves and steel shelves will allow you to have a healthy arc for many years with its stainless features and prevent damage to your documents and files. The durability of the materials used and the possibility of back-to-back installation make it possible to save on the economic side as well as to make the archive shelves longer lasting.

One of the shelf models produced within the Raf Group, archive shelves provide storage and storage of documents as well as storage and storage of light loads. The archive shelves which are also included in the light load storage system can be painted with the desired color electrostatic painting system. it can be stored in different thicknesses. As Raf Group, you will need all shelf systems and meet your archive shelf needs with a professional staff and a professional service understanding. You will use it as an archive and we will make use of dead space by making production according to the measurements of the area, giving you the opportunity to save you in every sense and offer your needs in the most economic sense and contribute to your having quality storage systems.