Archive shelf modelsArchival shelf models are one of the preferred shelving systems because of the storage of various folders, the preference for regular standing, both economically and economically as well as easy to install. The carrying capacity is less than that of other rack systems. The average ratio is 75 kg. We can call it a roundabout. When you place an archive shelf model in your layout, you can put folders in a folder, arrange it on the shelves, and protect your folders. When archive shelves are being manufactured, steel shelf plates and profiles are cut in different sizes and pierced on top. The thickness of archive shelves varies from approximately 0.7 mm to 2 mm.

Archive shelves are also referred to as bolted steel shelves. The height can be increased up to 4 m on the shelves with variable dimensions. But since it is too high, it is hard to reach and there is not much choice. Generally 2 m. It is designed as 2.5 m and 3 m. Installation of archive shelves is quite easy compared to other archive shelf systems. Portatifir can be easily dismantled and moved to another location if requested. In the installation, shelf tables with the holes on the steel profile are adjusted according to customer request and installation is done.

What are Archive Shelf Models?

If you live in Istanbul especially about archive shelves, get ideas by entering RafGrup site. We can talk about many reasons why archive shelves are preferred. Due to the possibility of the size range according to the load to be carried, it is preferred both for easy installation and for receiving the archive file too much from the size of the area. Archive shelf models do not leave much choice in color. They are usually produced in gray. In terms of economics, a price scale that does not seem to be pocket-sized makes it a top priority on the opt-in list.

Archive shelf models also have no health concerns. Because after the painting is done, the archive shelves are baked. The fact that it does not threaten the health, it is both economical and easy to disassemble and install, shelves of RafGrup’s eye baby products are expected to be used in all other countries, especially Istanbul.