Archive shelfAs RafGrup company, we design and provide the best quality and economical shelf systems for our valued customers in our center located in Istanbul. Archive shelf, we produce high quality and innovative solutions for our customers’ rack needs, we are working with experienced engineers and technicians to offer you the best quality shelves. We are always one step ahead in the sector as a result of the care we show to our shelf systems we produce, our working people and our customers.

All of our archive shelves produced in Istanbul for the quality service understanding of RafGrup company are produced with care and presented to the service of our esteemed customers. We produce archive shelves of your choice of color and stainless steel. Below we explain the archive shelf properties for you.

Archive Shelf Features

When making archive shelves, steel is usually preferred because it is a durable material. Assembly and disassembly is quite easy. It can be conveniently moved from one room to another.

The archive shelf is the most economical and aesthetic method that can be used for stacking files and folders. Since the archive shelves are not used for storage of heavy goods, the carrying capacity is slightly lower. An archive shelf up to 75kg. burden. Archive shelves are usually gray. But it can be done in different colors according to your wish.

Thanks to the holes in the shelf profiles, the length of the archive shelves can be adjusted as desired. It is absolutely necessary to lubricate and passivate the steel profile before starting the painting process. If this is not done, the paint on the shelf will be poured in a short time and the shelves will rust and rot. Here are just a few of these simple yet important details, so it is worthwhile to choose us for all your rack needs. If you buy our rack systems, you have bought a shelf system made of good material and good workmanship, and you have bought a shelf system that you will use for many years.

By examining the processing steps and the materials used of all of the shelves we produce to their finest detail; We are pleased with our work before we do it and then we present it to you. We always support you in the design, installation, pre-sale and after-sale of the shelf systems you want from us.