Shelf modelsIf you need racking models, business life or private life for stacking or storage, the right place. RafGrup meets all your rack needs with its wide product range if you need industry experience.

RafGrup is working to meet the shelf needs of every sector in and around Istanbul. Our company which combines quality raw materials and professional workmanship develops itself every day with ar-ge works.

Here are some information about some of the shelf models our company has produced for you, which meets the needs of Istanbul’s shelf systems.

Warehouse Shelf Models

Warehouse shelf models are in-house; pallet shelves, heavy duty shelves, drive in, backside shelf systems, narrow corridor shelf systems, storage shelves, industrial shelves, logistics storage shelves. Warehouse shelf models with many different models are preferred by those who produce and sell more professionally. For this reason, it should be done by the experienced people who are working.

Steel Shelf Models

Steel shelf models are generally preferred by those serving the food and healthcare industry, usually in the form of archives. The most important issue to be considered when selecting steel shelf models is that the steel material to be produced in the shelf system is stainless. Otherwise, these shelves used in the food and health sector can cause serious problems. All of the materials we use in the production of shelves are first class and do not harm human health.

Railed Cabinet Shelf Models

The rack cabinet is used where shelf models have limited storage space and where it is necessary to avoid dusting of the products to be stored. It also allows the stored products to be protected from natural disasters such as fire or floods. In addition, since the mechanism system is not visible, the railed cabinet models with an aesthetic look will add a nice look to your space.

We are working to provide the best service to our customers in all our shelf models we produce as a company. In order to best meet the needs of our customers’ rack needs, we will work with our customers at every stage from project planning, design and installation of rack models. If you want to get quality shelf and gul face service, you can contact us.